Monday, December 12, 2011

A Faerie Princess

I know, I know, it’s been forever and ever and EVER since I’ve posted a new blog. I have a good reason though! My next-door neighbor, best friend, and photographer, Lauren, moved an hour and a half away, rendering me photographer-less.  Sad, isn’t it? And I miss her too. 

School's also been crazy, but finals are finally over and all my grades are in, so I can actually start this up again. 

Luckily, my dear cousin Crystal is into photography and has been looking for a live model. She needed a model, I needed a photographer…the planets aligned….and this is the result. The blog is no longer just going to be about fashion (though that’s still going to be its primary purpose). It’s also going to be a blog about photography and cool things that Crystal does to my photos. The top portion will be the natural, normal(ish) photos she’s going to take of me and my clothes, and the bottom portion will be the cool things that she decides to do with them.

Hope everyone likes the newness!