Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clutches and Handbags

So those of you that know me may have observed that I generally carry a giant bag. This is due to the fact that unfortunately, as an English teacher, I have to carry at least some of my work with me nearly everywhere I go. However, I can appreciate tiny little bags too (in fact, I wish I could carry them instead of my “suitcase”).

I saw this today and thought, “Wow! That would be so awesome – I want one!” I love the idea of a clutch disguised as a book - it appeals to my intellectual side in addition to my fashionable one (though not as much to my fashionable side).

More info about these "book clutches" here.

Granted, I’m also an English nerd (as you may have noticed – if not, it’s okay – I’m good at fooling people). Would you carry a novelty purse/clutch like this? I think it’s super amazing, particularly the Dracula version, but I’m not sure that I would ever actually carry it as a purse (though I might as a wallet). I actually use a clutch as a wallet – it’s the roomiest clutch I’ve ever seen. See? 

(please forgive its rather ratty appearance – I’ve had it for a couple of years now)

This is my favorite clutch, though – it’s small, but also large enough to carry all of the crap that I find myself thinking is absolutely necessary for a night out.

Ultimately, I think that a clutch should be sleek, but unique (Ha! I rhymed! Totally unintentional). It’s one reason I love this one: it’s a nice, square shape and a great neutral gray, but it’s subtle pattern and the detailing make it something that you’re not likely to see out and about more than once. That being said, I’ve got a slim black one that I rather like, but as it’s my most basic one (read: boring), I don’t use it often.

I also have this great vintage one that my grandmother carried – this one doesn’t come out often, but it’s still super cool, I think. That's all bead work, believe it or not.

And sadly, there will be no fun and awesome outfit tonight, since I'm already in my pajamas. I promise to have one posted later this week, though. I hope you enjoyed this post, despite it's lack of fashionable clothes. Kisses!

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