Saturday, May 28, 2011

To California in Seven Days

I am so very, very sorry, dear readers, that it has taken me this long to update my blog. It all started with a trip to San Diego…and as such, this blog will be devoted to travel fashion!

I went to San Diego to visit my cousin for Spring Break (I still get one of those because I’m a teacher, for those of you who don’t know). When I fly, I have what I call my “traveling uniform.” Everyone should have one of these, though they can vary from person to person. I, for example, want to be comfortable, but I also tend to get cold. Then I take into account the weather at the airport I leave from and the one that I arrive at, and the fact that I can’t have anything metal on my person when I get body-scanned (which is soooo much fun, by the way). I also hate being barefoot, particularly in areas where a lot of other people have walked barefoot, like the gym, or the airport security line. As a result, I’ve come up with a basic outfit that keeps me comfortable and generally doesn’t set off any alarms.

   1.    A comfortable dress or tunic in a jersey-type material. I want something that doesn’t wrinkle and is long enough to cover my ass without getting bunched up around my waist when I sit for too long.

   2.     Leggings or jeggings (preferably leggings). Again, I want
    something comfortable, but cute. Leggings are preferred when I’m going somewhere warm, like California, or returning to the New Orleans Airport. That way I can just take them off when I get to my destination.

   3.     Boots (or booties) and socks. I HATE being barefoot at airport security – it’s just gross. Boots I can pull off are just as easy to deal with as tennis shoes.

   4.     A lightweight cardigan for when the plane is too cold that I can remove when it gets warm.

   5.     A lightweight scarf for the same reason. 

None of these items have any metal on them (except for perhaps the boots) and I don’t generally wear jewelry when I fly so that it doesn’t confuse the machines. When I left San Diego, I wore a comfortable dress with a big zipper down the back, which confused the scanner. I'm sorry - if it's so dumb that it can't recognized a zipper on a dress, it's not smart enough for widespread use.

If I really don’t want to wear boots after I arrive at the airport, I just bring cute heels or wedges that I can change into after, and then I’m good to go! For example, I wore this awesome stripped-down travel uniform all day today, and all I did was drive to the next town.



Until next time! I promise it won’t be so long – travel threw me off, and then finals and final grades made me a hermit that did nothing but grade for three weeks straight. It won't happen again! Kisses!

Dress - from Change Clothes Consignment Boutique
Wedges - Pink Studio from Obsession Boutique
Earrings and Bracelet - from Ruby Boutique
Leggings - from Target
Boots - from Ruby Boutique
Cardigan - Alternative from Ruby Boutique
Scarf - from American Apparel
Suitcase - from Samsonite


  1. <3 the travel uniform! Especially the "no metal needed" cuteness because airport security is heinous!

  2. Exactly! I started flying once or twice a month for the two years I was in graduate school, and after about three months I'd gotten an outfit down. It's never failed me :-)