Monday, October 10, 2011

The Leopard Trend

So, animal print clothing was one of the few things that I really never though I'd like when I first started dressing myself. I thought it looked trashy and cheap, and now I have to eat my thoughts because it's simply awesome (in small doses).

Until this year, I don't think I would have been brave enough to wear a leopard skirt. Leopard flats, definitely, but an animal print skirt? Noooooo, too crazy! And then I saw this one and I fell in love.

The key to animal print is to keep it sophisticated and to keep it toned down. For example, this skirt has a very work-appropriate shape - it's not too tight or short. It's also a dark leopard instead of a light one, so it works as more of a black skirt. And then the bows on my shoes just make everything awesome.

I also liked the idea of pairing it with this sweater, which, like many things in my wardrobe, I feel is very MadMen. I love the color - most people want to pair leopard with red or black, but I think that it really works with a green like this.

I figured tying the earrings in with the green shirt worked pretty well, and overall was really, really pleased with the whole outfit. My next goal is a pair of leopard heels.


Shirt: Allison Brittney via Change Clothes
Skirt: Maurice's
Earrings: via Change Clothes
Shoes: Bonbon via


  1. Cute outfit! Love the leopard! And the earrings too!

  2. Thanks, Hilary! I've been wanting to try the leopard trend for a while now, and this just seemed perfect.