Friday, June 17, 2011

Hippie Chic - Day 1

So, today I felt like a hippie that was trying to be fashionable. This is so sleek, but also super comfy and slightly bohemian. 

I love, love, LOVE this tunic – it’s so light that it almost feels like I’m not wearing anything, but I’m not worried about being arrested for nudity. I also love the detailing at the neck and arms – I feel like that’s one of the trademarks of a good tunic.

The color is also fantastic. I like to wear cool colors (though lately I’ve been getting into yellow and coral), so this pale blue-green is perfect. It’s also a great shape – longish, but not so long that it feels too much like a dress. You also can’t really tell in the pictures, but the fabric has a subtle golden sheen that looks beautiful in the light.

These are my favorite pair of trouser jeans, and one of the only pairs that I’ll wear to work. I could definitely get away with wearing jeans to work every day, since I teach at a small university, but I try not to for several reasons. First, because I’m so young – I feel like I need to dress older than I am so that I’m not mistaken for a student. Second, because I feel that it’s more professional, and third, because it’s fun to dress up every day. I’ve also got tons of clothes, and it’d be a shame if I didn’t wear all of them.

I love these shoes, too. The button detail especially appeals to me – I feel like they could be vintage 1950s heels, even though they totally aren’t. I actually went into the store and stared at them longingly three separate times until I finally gave in and bought them, and now they’re a staple.

I love earrings with dangles too - so fun!

Tunic: Celle from Change Clothes Consignment
Jeans: !It Jeans from Imagine Boutique
Shoes: Unlisted from Change Clothes Consignment
Earrings: A gift, originally from World Market

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