Friday, June 10, 2011

Sugar and Spice (and Everything Nice)

So, this outfit is based entirely around my shoes.

Why, do you ask? They’re just cute little brown oxfords – nothing particularly special.

Because these shoes, while I love them, have proven notoriously hard for me to style. I think it’s because they’re so obviously menswear shoes, and menswear can be tricky for most women (myself included).

Now, I like menswear as much as the next girl, particularly suits, blazers, ties, fedoras, and oxfords. I also especially like the whole boyfriend look, where the jeans and shirts are cut just slightly bigger than normal so that it looks like you borrowed them from your boyfriend. I mean, actual men's shirts are INCREDIBLY comfortable - I'm totally going to start raiding my guy friends' closets. 

Anyway, lots of girls can wear these styles and look AMAZING. However, the problem with menswear is that you have to walk a fine line – if you don’t have enough femininity in the outfit to counteract the menswear, you end up looking manish rather than cute.

My solution? Wear lots and lots of flowers. See? I think it works out nicely.

Another thing that works is to make sure that the menswear items you have fit you like a glove - hence the reason for the vest over the denim shirt. This is especially important when you're trying the boyfriend look. Make sure that if you have on a loose-fitting shirt, you're wearing skinny jeans or a short skirt to make up for it. 

Seriously though, these shoes, in my head, cry out for a floral skirt or a ruffled shirt, preferably in a pale color. So I obliged.


Oh, and I love my nail polish - I think it's the perfect color for this summer. It's Guy from Gal-veston, by OPI.

Floral hair pin -  Ulta Beauty
Shirt - American Eagle
Vest - Old Navy
Skirt - American Eagle
Shoes - Miss Me? from Obsession Boutique
Bracelet - from Imagine Boutique

And, since I wore so much floral today, I felt the need to be extra girly. Here's me acting extra girly. Kisses!


  1. I love the menswear trend and as long as you balance the masculine/feminine elements, it doesn't matter how you go about it. Love the floral details in this look. =)

  2. It definitely works! The super feminine with the classic Oxfords looks great!

    That nail polish color is fab, I could not agree more with you about that!

    Virginie ♥

  3. Thanks guys! I'm glad you approve - I was afraid I was overloading it with the flowers.