Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday to Meeeeee - Part Deux

So, my previous entry was about what I wore for my actual birthday. THIS post is all about the fun times I had the next day, and the super awesome dress I found for the occasion.

Unfortunately, my birthday fell on a Wednesday this year, meaning I had to teach on Thursday morning. I got to see some family on Wednesday, but the real celebration was Thursday evening. It was pretty simple - just dinner with my closest friends and drinks at my place afterwards for those who could stay, but so much fun. And I found this dress for the occasion. Isn't it awesome?

It was the very last one at Imagine Boutique, and I was afraid it wouldn't fit me because it was a small and I usually wear a medium to large (it's the boobs). However, this time there was sweet success! I'm thrilled with the way it fits, though I'll probably wear it as a tunic with jeggings and boots most of the time.

As the girls at Imagine said (and my friends agreed), this is me in dress form (I go to  Imagine so much that the salespeople know my style - I practically pay their rents). First, I love that it's covered up around the neck but super short. I'd rather show off my legs than my cleavage most of the time because I was born with awesome cleavage - I work HARD on my legs, so I'm more proud of them.

I also love the asymetrical look, especially ones with long, floaty sleeves. An added bonus is that this is a rare one-sleeved dress that doesn't bare my entire shoulder so I can still wear a regular bra.

Additionally, I wear at least one of the colors in this dress on a regular basis, and I love the way that it combines them.

The detailing in this Melie Bianco bag is what drew me to it, in addition to its size. I, unfortunately, am not one of those girls that can get away with a teeny tiny bag, even when I'm going out. This one's a nice size, is a neutral color that goes with everything, has a cool pattern, fun ruffles, and chain links that add the perfect touch of badassery.

These are some of my favorite shoes from, especially since I got my cobbler to stretch them for me (if you don't have a cobbler, GET ONE!).  I love the color, and I especially love the subtle gold pattern - it reminds me of snakeskin, but is so much cooler. And they're also just HOT. Don't you agree?


Dress: 5th Culture via Imagine Boutique
Clutch: Melie Bianco via Imagine Boutique
Shoes: Veata via

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  1. "Badassery" - ha!

    This dress is fabulous - the white details around the collar are so interesting.