Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Joan Holloway

I felt very Mad Men in this outfit - I feel like it's something that Joan Holloway would have worn to the office. I loooooove her clothes, and when I teach I try to switch back and forth between her style and Betty Draper's. Those styles are the perfect mix of femininity and professionalism - I still feel like I look good without being overtly sexy, and I'm still appropriate. Well, maybe on the days I dress like Joan I feel more sexy, but still...

This is one of my favorite pencil skirts of all time - I love the high waist and the buttons. In fact, in addition to feeling very Mad Men to me, this outfit also feels very nautical, what with the stripes, the buttons on the skirt, and the freshwater pearls.

My Auntie Becky got the bigger pearls for me from the Philippines, so that adds a touch of the exotic and a  family connection that I love. 

These shoes are also some new favorites - I got them a couple of weeks ago from, and they are quite possibly my most comfortable pair of heels. Additionally, the color, style, and detailing are all fantastic - I've been trying to think of outfits for them ever since I bought them.


Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: J.C. Penny
Necklaces: Gifts
Watch: New York and Co.


  1. Those shoes, are the best red shoes I have ever seen. You definitely look very Mad Men in this photoshoot!

  2. Thanks! Can you believe they're comfortable too?

  3. Hello there, SD junkie, found you thru SD wall post !!!
    love the way you paired this red shoes and the shirt! very chic... I am following ya for sure.

    Check out my blog follow me?

  4. Hooray! Will do :-), and I'm glad you like it so much!

  5. Thanks! It's one of my faves - I wear it when I want to feel especially curvy.

  6. I have those shoes in black & taupe . . this makes me need the red too! Great skirt too, I've been wanting to try the high waisted look.