Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tropical Storm Lee

Hello everyone, from the middle of Tropical Storm Lee!  It hasn't actually been that bad - just lots and lots of rain...and tornado warnings...but really, nothing to worry about. It's Louisiana. We deal with this kind of thing all the time (unlike YOU GUYS, East Coast. Not to minimize your experience or anything - it's just that I've grown up dealing with hurricanes, and you guys haven't. Snowstorms in New York were fairly traumatizing when I lived there).

Since it's been miserable, I figured I'd show you one of the ways I combat the weather - with boots, a cute hat, and a big purple umbrella.

Believe it or not, this shirt is much more flattering in person (and from other angles) since it ties in the back, though I'm thinking next time I wear it, I'll add a gray or brown belt.

I've been dying to wear these boots in the rain ever since I got them from ruby boutique (yes, it's supposed to be a lower-case r and b). I'd been looking for short, smooth gray boots specifically to wear in the rain because when it rains, I don't usually wear rainboots - I wear normal leather boots. However, those get kind of hot in the summer time, so I wanted short ones that I could wear with dresses if I wanted. I fell in love with these immediately - they're a little bit cowboy and a little bit biker, so they toughen up everything in a good way.

This is my very favorite hat. I can't seem to do baseball caps - I feel like my head always looks funny, and I have pictures from middle school to prove it. This one, however, in its newsboy-ish way, suits me very well (I think), and is the perfect the-weather-is-bad-and-my-hair-is-frizzy hat (It's also the perfect I-haven't-washed-my-hair-in-two-days hat. Not that I ever do that).

Then there's this super awesome watch that I just got from Wrap-around leather watches are becoming a trend, I think, and one which I rather like. I've always liked the wide leather watches (the ones that are practically cuffs), but they tend to be really, REALLY masculine, so I don't wear them much. Or they're so feminine they don't look right. At any rate, this one is awesome, though my friend Leigh has a steampunk one that's way cooler than this one.

And I have my angel wing earrings because I feel kind of like a Hell's Angel in this, with the boots and the hat and the edgy watch and dark jeans. Or am I just crazy?

I need some brass knuckles. Or, you know, a motorcycle.

Maybe I can get away with just the helmet, like Dane Cook.

Hat: Goorin Brand
Shirt: fire Los Angeles via Change Clothes Consignment
Jeans: Saturdays via Imagine Boutique
Boots: Breckelle's via ruby boutique
Earrings: Target
Umbrella: Found in a classroom


  1. You look very cute for being in the middle of a hurricane!

  2. Thank you! This is the one time I actually got dressed for it - I've been staying in my apt in my pajamas most of the time.