Monday, September 12, 2011


 So, it's kind of a funny story...

This outfit began one way and then changed completely, all because of a zipper - something so small, yet so important. I started off the day wearing this:

I fell in love with this dress at first sight. I love the pattern, the colors, the length, and the way it ties in the back. Since it's a bit low cut, I decided to wear the t-shirt under it, since I was just running around all day. I paired it with my ballet flats, which are deceptively simple and super comfy.

I especially love the lacing up the back of the shoes.

And then...disaster struck! When I tried on the dress, I noticed that it didn't have any hooks to hold the zipper together, but that's usually  not a problem. Unfortunately, this time it was. While I can zip up the dress without any problems, once I start moving, it does too. Down.

I didn't notice until I walked by a store window and caught my reflection, and my immediate reaction was, "Crap! Has anyone noticed this yet???" (I don't think anyone did, since I'd gone straight to brunch, sat down, and been in my car, but still). So I ran to the nearest coffee shop and improvised.

I pulled the t-shirt over the dress, then knotted it in the back and tucked the knot up inside the shirt. I had a little trouble with the tie at first, since it's so high, but managed to get it to cover the bottom of the t-shirt. Then I looped it around my waist and tied it in the front instead of the back. I think it turned out pretty well, don't you?

 What would you have done?


Shirt: Target
Dress: fire los angeles via Change Clothes Consignment
Shoes: Pierre Dumas via Three Sister's Boutique
Watch: New York and Co.


  1. Way to improvise! This looks super cute :)

  2. Thanks! I was actually more pleased with the improvised look than the original - funny, no?