Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I promised you a post about Missoni, and here it is. 

Like many, I was slightly excited when I found out that Missoni was doing a line for Target. I, however, decided that it would probably be a good idea NOT to wear every piece that I bought all at once, unlike the girls in the commercials, so I exercised restraint.

It was a bit of a search though. I went the day after the collection debuted with one of my best friends, Mindy, and all that was left at our local Target were some kids' stuff, underwear, and a couple of sets of bedding. This was kind of surprising to me, since I didn't think the residents of my little town were that fashion-forward (though apparently, they are), and I'd figured there'd be at least a decent selection. I settled for a pretty silk scarf and a this cardigan, which is actually a child's sweater. Luckily, I can pretend it's a bolero, so it's all good. 

Then I went on Saturday for something else, and lo, there was more! Not a lot more, but a decent amount. I got a pair of heels, a skirt, a woven scarf, and a beautiful chiffon shirt that looks like a work of art. I'm totally satisfied. I'd post links to everything, but nothing's available on the website any more, unfortunately. You'll see them in many of my posts, though, so don't worry. 

I decided to pair my cardi with black and denim because the pattern's so bold and colorful that I really wanted it to be the stand-out piece. I also like how flattering this outfit was - I felt incredibly curvy, but really thin at the same time. Best of both worlds!

I wore boots because it was supposed to rain, but naturally, since I wore boots, it didn't. Luckily, these are my favorite boots (they're so badass!), so I didn't care. 


Sweater: Missoni for Target
Tank: Imagine Boutique
Skirt: Worthington via JC Penny
Boots: Bamboo via Obsession Boutique
Earrings: Target

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