Friday, August 19, 2011

At Last (Over a Month Late) – Day 30

First, I swear that I washed these two items before I wore them again. Second – I’M DONE!!! YAY! Granted, I’ve been done with the 30 x 30 for over a month, but I’m glad that I can start blogging about other pieces of clothing, especially ones that I’ve gotten since then (hello, $7 J. Crew Matchstick Jeans from Change Clothes). 

I threw this last outfit together after a long day at work, and was very surprised with it. I didn't think that the loose shirt would go with the ruffled skirt - I was afraid that it would make me look boxy, but it was hot and I decided I didn't care. Funnily enough, that was not the case, and I ended up LOVING this outfit. It was cool, it was comfy, and it was pretty!

I think it's because the silhouette has a vaguely 1920's feel to  me - it's sleeveless, falls straight into an almost drop waist, and then it has a really ruffly bottom. Do you guys think that too, or is it just me being weird? 

Shirt: American Eagle
Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: xhilaration from Change Clothes Consignment
Shoes: Worthington from Change Clothes Consignment
Watch: Charming Charlie's

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