Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nearly Missed It - Day 29

So, I just realized that I never wore this floral skirt during the 30 for 30. I don’t know why – I love it! I just kept gravitating towards the green one for some reason. Sigh.

 I feel kind of like a ballerina in this, what with the ballet flats and the flowy skirt. It's layers of ruffles make it move really well, and it's made of a really light fabric so it's sort of like a tutu. 

Anyway, I really like this outfit – it’s one of my favorites. I decided not to really do any accessories since the shirt had a lot of detailing and the skirt had the floral pattern on it – it didn’t really need anything else. 

I also love how the colors are all subdued but not pastels – that’s what made me put all these items together when I normally wouldn’t. I also normally wouldn't have put this together because I consider this shirt a tunic, like when I wore it here, but then randomly decided to try tucking it in, and was really pleased with the effect.

I looooove how this belt makes my waist look really tiny – it’s awesome! I’m totally going to wear this outfit on fat days.


Shirt: Celle from Change Clothes Consignment
Skirt: xhilaration (originally from Target) from Change Clothes Consignment
Belt: Don’t remember
Shoes: Obsession Boutique
Watch: Charming Charlie’s

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