Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Wardrobe is My Own Again!

So, this is the first outfit that I wore after my 30 x 30 challenge was over (yes, it was like, a month ago. I'm sorry, I'm behind. Deal with it.).

I got this shirt and these shoes the day the challenge ended (I know, I'm horrible), and I love them both! Oh, and I got a haircut. Like it?

The colors and the pattern of the shirt are just fantastic, and I love strapless tops (as you may have noticed). Note that I'm also pairing a relatively flowy top with a tiered skirt. The only reason that this works is because there is elastic gathering at the bottom of the skirt to create a waist. Otherwise, I would definitely have looked frumpy.

I also decided to go with relatively simple accessories - big gold hoops and my gold watch - since the shirt has so much going on. Even the tie in the middle is as decorative as a necklace.

I got these wedges from Target on super sale, which was awesome. I've also been looking for a pair of brown strappy wedges like the brown strappy heels that I've been wearing. I saw these on Kendi Everyday's blog and decided to get them if I could, and the first time I went into the shoe section at Target after the challenge, there they were. It was a sign!

I hope you guys enjoyed following me during the challenge! It was an interesting experiment that taught me a lot about how I remix clothing, and I think it may even help keep me from uttering the dreaded words, "I have nothing to wear!" I'll do a recap of all my outfits in the next post so that you can see them all, promise!


Top: Hot & Delicious via Imagine Boutique
Skirt: Abercrombie and Fitch via Change Clothes Consignment
Earrings: Gift
Watch: Charming Charlie's
Wedges: Dolce Vita for Target

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