Friday, July 22, 2011

Being a Grown-up - Day 19

You may have forgotten (and I wouldn’t blame you), but Day 18 was actually Fourth of July, and I already posted that blog entry here. So I wore this on Tuesday, when it was back to being a teacher and a grown-up.

I quite like this outfit – I love that it’s got bright colors with black as a neutral. I don’t actually do that very often unless it’s winter, and even then I try to avoid wearing black because winter is depressing enough as it is.

This is another dress that I’m wearing as a skirt – I do that a lot, in case you didn’t notice. This top is one of my favorites for many, many reasons: it’s purple, it has wide-enough straps, it has a modest neckline (though that can be adjusted), it has ruffles, it has buttons, and it’s very light, so it’s cool and comfortable.

Normally I would have worn bright accessories, like a red belt and my red flats, but I decided to tone it down a bit since I was wearing the coral cardigan (the classroom was pretty cold).

Anyway, hope you guys liked it. Kisses!

Photography courtesy of my friend Jenni - if you'd like her to do a photoshoot for you, just let me know!

Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt (dress): Gap, swapped
Cardigan: Gap
Belt: Target
Earrings: Target
Wedges: American Eagle

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