Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot and Cold - Day 16

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted – so shoot me, I’ve been busy (and the weather’s been HORRIBLE and my apt isn’t exactly picture friendly). I promise, I’ve been following the 30 x 30 rules (most of the time). In fact, my last day was TODAY, and I’m very, very happy about it. However, you, darling readers, don’t get to read about it yet because my procrastinating self is still two weeks behind all the other bloggers at posting. I’m sorry, I really am. My main problem is, unlike most of the other fashion bloggers out there, I live by myself so I have no one to take pictures for me on a regular basis. I can usually coerce one of my friends to do it, but that doesn’t always work when I want it to. 

It's enough to make me consider getting married just so I'll have a photographer at my beck and call. 


I rather like this outfit – it was fun and light on a day that was disgustingly hot and muggy. I really like the pale color palette – I was a little worried it would seem washed out without any bright colors, but I think that the touches of gold warm things up. Silver would have kept things too cool, and then I really would have looked washed out. That’s another reason I went for a bright lip. You want to keep some color and warmth in your outfit, even when the rest of it is cool.

These hoop earrings are some of my favorites, and were (amazingly enough) given to me by my paternal grandmother. She has a tendency to hit or miss with jewelry, but this time she really hit the mark.

I’m doing the bangles and gold watch thing again – hope it’s not getting too boring!

I also like that this is a fairly detailed top with casual shorts – it kept me feeling sophisticated (though I probably wasn’t). That’s one way to dress up shorts – most people tend to grab a t-shirt to go with them, but that’s not the only thing that goes with them. Just pick something nice and airy, and it can be even more comfortable than a tee with the added bonus that it will make you feel pretty. 

Shirt: Celle from Change Clothes Consignment
Tank: American Eagle
Shorts: American Eagle
Sandals: American Eagle
Earrings: Gift
Watch: Charming Charlie's
Bangles: Charming Charlie's and World Market

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