Saturday, July 2, 2011

Rocky the Flying Squirrel - Day 8

This is one of my favorite shirts ever - I feel in love with it the moment I tried it on. 

It’s beautifully light, which is especially nice now that it reaches 100 degrees on a regular basis. Granted, that also means that it's so sheer that I need to wear a tank under it, but that's really a small price to pay (or at least, it didn't stop me buying the shirt). I really like the embroidery and the colors in the embroidery – I wear blues and purples a lot, so this fits in with my wardrobe really well. And then, the sleeves are just awesome. Ha, the description of the shirt is actually “bat-winged”, which just makes me happy for some reason. Though a friend of mine did tell me that I reminded her of Rocky the Flying Squirrel from "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show". Can't imagine why...

Look, Ma! I can fly!
And, as I’ve mentioned before, I love all things ethnic and bohemian, so this is right up my alley. I did try to make it sleek and sophisticated with the dark trouser jeans, so you have to give me points for that.

Another thing that I really like about this shirt is that even though it has giant sleeves that connect to the shirt itself, I still have a visible waist when I wear it. This is why it’s especially important to try on clothes, particularly shirts like this one. These shirts with big, flowy sleeves are really popular right now, but if you want one that’s going to flatter you, you should pick one that has seaming at the waist so that it doesn’t make you look shapeless.

I hope you guys like the outfit. Kisses!

Shirt: Luv2Luv from Imagine Boutique
Jeans: !It Jeans from Imagine Boutique
Shoes: Classified from Obsession Boutique
Watch: Relic
Earrings: World Market (from the first 30 x 30 post)


  1. This shirt is awesome!!! Its so flowly! I love it! Cute outfit!


  2. Thanks so much! Glad you like it :-)

  3. Rebecca, I love it! Yay for cool new shapes!!

  4. So.
    1. I desperately need to borrow this shirt.
    2. i desperately need to check out Imagine, to get my own!

  5. As long as you bring it back, you can totally borrow it :-)