Friday, July 1, 2011

Prepster - Day 7

 I almost titled this post "Joe Cool" because that's how I feel in this pose. I need sunglasses and a wall to lean against...anyway.

I love these pants - the color and shape are just perfect, and I have to make a conscious effort not to wear them every day. They’re actually ankle pants, which I’ve always felt is a weird length, but I think because these pants are so slim, it works.

I feel very WASP-y in this outfit (hence the pearls) - it’s actually something that I don’t usually wear. You may have noticed that I tend towards dresses, ethnic prints, and flowy silhouettes, so I’m outside of my box, even though I feel very conservative. I still really like it, though. And the pearl earrings were a gift from my aunt that she got in the Philippines, so they're still kind of ethnic, even if you can't really tell.

I felt like this was a nice mix of structured and soft – the striped button-down (I know it’s hard to tell), vest, and straight pants feel very structured to me, but then the light, pastel colors softened the whole thing.

Overall, I really like this outfit, despite the fact that it’s so different from the things I normally wear. I can do preppy too! Yay!


Shirt: American Eagle from Change Clothes Consignment

Vest: Old Navy

Pants: Gap

Shoes: Unlisted from Change Clothes Consignment

Headband: Target

Earrings: Manila, Philippines

Watch: Relic

Bracelet: American Eagle



    And i never EVER thought I could do pants in this shade, but I WANT them!!!!!

    The earring remind me of some gorgeous earrings I was given as a gift. They arevery valuable clip ons, and I wear them often, except I am completely not used to clip ons. I cannot tell you the fun Terry and Victor have had asking me "WHY are you pulling at your ear, girl?"

  2. These pants have been the most versatile pair of pants I've EVER owned - seriously, they go with everything. I've been trying SO HARD not to wear them every day with a new top. Gap, baby. They might even be on sale now, b/c I bought them at the beginning of the season.