Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Strawberry Lemonade - Day 10

I love bright colors. Really, I do. I know it might not seem like it (sarcasm) but I really, really do, especially yellow. It just makes me happy! I’ve even gotten to the point that if it’s gray and rainy outside, I’ll wear yellow just to brighten things up. And I always think of strawberry lemonade when I wear yellow and pink together, so…there you go.  

Funny story behind this outfit. I bought this yellow dress (which was originally over $100 but on sale for $15 when I got it – yes!) back in October or something, and it’s super awesome. I have to wear a tank under it because the v-neck goes down so low, but ultimately it’s a great dress. It only has one problem:

It doesn’t really fit anymore, and I don’t know why. It fits perfectly well around the skirt area! But for some reason whenever I zip it up all the way, I have trouble breathing. As in, it’s so tight I forget to. I’m assuming this means that I’ve gained weight (which sucks), but I’m going to claim it’s muscle gain and not fat gain. And go to the gym five times a week.

So, since I have problems breathing when I zip up this dress, I’ve come up with what I think is a great solution: I don’t zip up the dress all the way.

Yeah, I know. Awful.

Thus, I wear a shirt over it to turn it into a skirt. I put on the shirt, knotted it at the waist, and then tucked it all under the scarf so that it looks like it’s tucked into the skirt. Nifty, right? I felt like a fifties housewife, especially with my little buttoned-up shoes. Though a fifties housewife wouldn't have been at work all day, and consequently wouldn't have such a wrinkled skirt. It was the end of the day!

A fifties housewife also would probably have paired pearls with this instead of a cool ethnic necklace like I did. Oh well. I wasn't going for authenticity anyway.

This is also the first time I’ve ever really worn a scarf as a belt, and I think it turned out well. I actually really like the swinging end being in the front, and will probably do that again. What do you think?


Shirt: H&M
Dress: Cooper by Courtney Warrant from Imagine Boutique
Scarf: World Market
Necklace: Change Clothes Consignment
Shoes: Unlisted from Change Clothes Consignment
Watch: Charming Charlie's


  1. LOL...your boobs have gotten EVEN BIGGER??? and now you can zip the skirt but not the top??? Unfair to all of us. ;P

    I'm loving the scarf-as-belt (DISCLAIMER: I LOVE BELTS), and the way the "front-ends" swing makes it playful and more interesting.

    Honestly, you've taken a somewhat boring outfit and made it fun and intriguing and (you know it) ethnic. Just the shirt and skirt would be another trip down GAP lane. This is a perfect example of what taste and talent and creativity can do. You took the plain (albeit brightly colored) outfit and showed us all how to make it WOW.

  2. Yay! The scarf idea just hit me - you could literally see the lightbulb thing above my head in a balloon bubble. And the thing is, I can zip the top, but I can't breathe, sooo...yeah. Doable for about five minutes. I don't know what happened.